Area Sports 2009/10 – The Results

Prepared by: Mike Richardson

May I start my report by congratulating George Loydall on a fantastic year as Area 14 Chairman and the exec council for their contributions in steering the best Area in RTBI, Area 14, to another success and fun filled year.

The year has consisted of various ‘sporting’ events which have been hosted by some select tables (well the ones who were eager or daft enough to volunteer) Please see the list below for a list of the events and the tables who hosted them.

June 20th – Welly throwing – Beeston

July – Tug of War – Hucknall

July – Rowing Regatta – Derby

13th August – Clay Pigeon – Hucknall

September – NSW – Colchester

21st October – Karting – Newark

10th January – Football – Loughborough/ Leicester

22nd February – Indoor bowls – Swadlincote

31st March – Ten pin bowling – Beeston

My thanks go to ALL the people who put a lot of time and effort into organising and helping at events. I hope that everyone in Area 14 joins me in congratulations.

National Sports

NSW Colchester

Area 14 took 57 competitors (of the highest quality) to Colchester for an action packed sporting weekend. Although we triumphed in the drinking and partying stakes we were alas piped at the final post for the coveted trophy by Area 10.

The top three placers were

1st Area 10 – 232.3 points

2nd Area 14 – 232.0 points

3rd Area 33 – 230.0 points

National Sporting knock out competition

Area 14 have competed in all 4 national sporting events on offer this year.

Quiz – First round (as Steve Grew quoted ‘if we had known more of the answers we would have done a lot better)

Ten Pin Bowling – Second round Captain Mitch Robinson

Snooker – In to the Final – Captain Jonathan Carlisle – to be played before conference

Golf – In to the Final – Captain Mike Richardson – to be played on the morning of conference

AREA 14 Sporting competition ‘The Results’

The top 5 in reverse order are:-

5th Place Melton Mowbray 479 – 36 points

4th Place Derby Merlin 998 – 37 points

3rd Place Beeston & District 573 – 39.5 points

As you are aware the competition went into the final event, the ten pin bowling, with Long Eaton having a 2 point lead over Hucknall.

Hucknall Finished 2nd and entered another team plus a shared team with Beeston giving a total of 9.5 points for the event.

Long Eaton Finished 4th and entered 3 more teams giving a total of 7 points.

SO:- !!!!!!

2nd Place Long Eaton 461 – 64 points

1st Place Hucknall 578 – 64.5 points

Congratulations to Hucknall on their success in winner the Area 14 2009/2010 Sports trophy.

I would like to thank all the competitors and organisers who took part and helped in the events this year. The support that you have given both George, and myself as Area Sports Officer, this year has been amazing, you are without doubt the BEST AREA IN RTIB.

Please continue with your support for the incoming Chairman Steve Grew and your new Area Sports officer JC.

Full Results


Mike Richardson

Area 14 Sports Officer 2009/2010 & BEESTON & DISTRICT 573

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