2010/2011 – Hucknall Vs. Ilkeston

Saturday 22nd May 2010

Several of the finest tradesmen HRT had to offer attended the Ilkeston Boot Camp “Bridge Building Challenge”

Following several hours of setting out the challenge, the scene was set. On the final section of the 46 Meter Bridge Ilkeston set their finest men on one side of the bridge while HRT faced their opponents with fire in their eyes.

The challenge was…

Over three legs each team member would have the arduous task of driving in to an almost impenetrable piece of wood, not one but two 1 ½ inch nails. Not just any nails but galvanised nails.

The crowd gathered…. The tension sawed…. The whole event was being overseen & adjudicated by one of Area true leaders, Our Area VC Mr John Manley (Mad Dog to his friends)

Ilkeston squared up to HRT

For Ilkeston

  • Chairman Andrew Parks
  • IPC Rob Severn
  • Old Past Master Chris Jackson


  • Dameo “The nail gun” Mcdaid
  • Kev “Smash em down” Brown
  • Lee “Tap it in” Freeley

As the 6 master tradesmen locked in mortal combat the go was given….

It was with out a doubt the tensest 9 seconds Area 14 has experienced in some time.

Both pieces of wood were examined by Mad Dog and the decision was made…..

HRT were victorious once again. The Geoff Hind trophy remains at it’s rightful home…


A special thanks to every one that took part on the day.

Lee Freeley.

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