Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy

The Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy

The Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy

The Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy was started in 1956 to encourage the clubs of Area 14 to take each other on in a variety of sporting challenges. As with all things Roundtable, “sporting” is meant in its loosest possible sense. Challenges of the past have included table tennis, pub sports, badminton, rugby, golf, and many other mainstream sporting activities. But other challenges include Tippit (no, I’ve no idea either), marbles, Cardinal Puff-Puff (nope, still no idea), battleships, conkers, hop-scotch (surely some Ladies Circle ringers involved there), blow football (Circle here too?), wobbly ball, grave digging (!!), cranking (possiby a spelling mistake), and nut sucking (enough said, I think).

The trophy itself is the Record of Challenges as pictured above. Lost in the archives since the mid 90’s, 2009/10 Area Chairman George Loydall has rediscovered it and dusted it off so that all the clubs in Area can compete again in whatever weird and wonderful events they can dream up.

Pictured here are a few pages from the archives, and a full set of rules as originally laid down are posted below. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

Original Rules for Geoff Hine Inter-Table Trophy

Original Rules

Original Rules

These are the rules originally stipulated for the challenge. Some modernisation may be required.

  1. The Trophy shall be known as the Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy and shall be open for competition between Tables in Area 14. Only Active Table Members shall be eligible to compete and a team shall consist of not less than four members.
  2. The competition and these rules shall be administered by the Area Liaison Officer (ALO) whose ruling on any question shall be final subject to the right of appeal to the area Chairman.hinetrophy-2
  3. The Table holding the trophy (The Holders) may be challenged to defend it by another Table (The Challengers) according to the following procedure:-
    1. The challenge shall be for a match at any skill, sport, or game that has not been played during the previous twelve months and subject to the approval of the Areal Liaison Officer.
    2. The challenge shall be made in writing to the Areal Liaison Officer accompanied by a remittance of five shillings, and shall clearly specify its nature.
    3. The Area Liaison Officer shall then declare the challenge accepted. Should simultaneous challenges be made the ALO shall exercise his discretion as to which should be accepted first.
  4. A match having been made, the Holders and Challengers shall make mutually satisfactory arrangements to play off and and shall advise the ALO accordingly. The Holders shall gave the privilege and right to nominate the venue of the match within Area 14. The competing Tables will arrange for the provision of umpires or judges if the ALO is unable to be present.hinetrophy-1
  5. A match shall be decided within fourteen days of its being declared by the ALO.
  6. The trophy shall be brought to each match by the Holders and it shall be left in the possession of the victors. In the event of a disputed result it shall rest in the hands of the Holders, pending  a decision by the ALO.
  7. The Area Council may at its discretion revise these rules as desirable.hinetrophy-1-1

Last Challenge Entry

The last entry in the Record Book was on 31st October 1997, with Melbourne challenged by Loughborough to Scalextric. A challenge that saw the challengers victorious.

But as you can see from the last page, there was a mysterious challenge that started to get laid down but was mysteriously incomplete….

The Marie Celeste Challenge?

The Mary Celeste Challenge?

6 Responses

  1. I resurrected it in my year as Area Chair
    The last challenges were in 2000 Between Long Eaton & Beeston It was a clay shoot.
    Prior to that Challenges were at Bingham & Burton on Trent who had a beer barrel rolling competition. There is also a silver cup. The 18th February 2000 relates to the beer barrel competition it was won I think by Bingham.
    The competition stopped in 2001-2002 under the chair of Dr John Tyrer

    Mark Gray
    Area 14 Chair 1999-2000

  2. Which table are the current holders before LDM500 take it off them?

    • I believe that at present the holders are Hucknall as they cheated us out of the trophy a short while ago at our Boot Camp, succesfully defended it at Area Camping and are awaiting a challenge at present!
      Its about time is changed hands, fairly!!

      IPC-Ilkeston & District 285

  3. A challenge has been made to Hucknall by Leicester De Montfort and a game of Darts will be held tomorrow.

    May the best team win.


    Steven Grew
    Area 14 Chairman & ALO for the challenge

  4. who holds it now? HRT will challenge ANYONE. GHCT needs to come home to HRT in time for Freeley’s year in the Chair.

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