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Round Table is all about having fun with a group of friends while at the same time trying to help the local community.

Round Table started with just one man’s idea. Louis Marchesi was a member of Rotary in Norwich but had the brainwave of starting a new organisation for young men between the ages of 18-45.

Round Table was born with the motto ‘Adopt, Adapt, Improve’ and from small beginnings of one club in Norwich, Louis’ dream has become a reality, with over 1,000 clubs and 13,000 members.

Round Tables operate individually but with a common cause, and together they form The National Association of Round Tables of Great Britain and Ireland. But that’s not all.. Round Table exists throughout the world and has links with like-minded clubs internationally. For background and information on the fantastic organisation that is Round Table, please see the RTBI main website.

This site is to serve all the Round Tables of the East Midlands, providing news, diary events, and general information about the activities of the members of Round Table in the area. Area 14 is in the heart of England and stretches from Leicester in the South to Ilkeston in the North, Grantham in the East to Burton Upon Trent (home of fine Ales) in the West. Our eighteen Tables are all bursting at the seams with raw talent (in all, some 300+ handsome young men). In the main, we are businessmen, athletes (in our dreams…), raconteurs and philanthropists and our mission is to do good and drink beer during our short time on this planet.

The map below shows where all the clubs are in the area. Zoom in for a closer look and click on the Round Table logos for information on the clubs. If you would like any further information about one of the clubs in your area, please contact membership@area14.co.uk.

This new-look site was started up in May 2008, with some content taken from the original Area 14 website.

Please contact the Area14 webmaster for any information, suggestions etc.

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