Area 14 AGM Notice

Dear Tablers of Area 14

Notice today (1st of April 2013) is hereby given, that the 2013 Annual General Meeting of Round Table Area 14 will be held on Monday, 22nd April 2013 at the Beedles Lake Golf Club in East Goscote (near Leicester), 7pm for 7.30pm. More details are on the attachment

Anyone one wishing to nominate themselves must use the other attached form and follow the due process.

Last years AGM minutes will circulated to you all, at least one week before the event.

Booking in … IMPORTANT – the 2012/13 (i.e. this year’s) Chairman or Hon Secretary of each table is to make one booking for the whole of their own respective table please —- with Mr Gilda (see the attachment)

Area Exec … You will need to complete a written report (no matter how small) and send it to the Honorary Secretary (James Goodrich ) by Friday, 19th April 2013 please. Can I ask you book in with your respective own table’s Sec’s/ Chairman, to help Mr Gilda with his booking please

Last Years Award Winners .. those who received a trophy last year from Mr John ‘Mad Dog’ Manley, it is YOUR responsibility to get the trophy back to the AGM, even if you are not attending.

If you have any questions, please either speak to Mark Gilda 07710025084 or myself

Kind Regards and YiT
Area 14 Chairman

Area Exec Nomination form
Area Notice to Convene AGM

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