Swadlincote Round Table visit Kungälv for 2012 Numbermeeting

Following straight on from Swadlincote and District Round Table’s Charter, the 2012 ’08 Numbermeeting was held this year in Kungälv, Sweden.

photoTabler’s Mark Dissington, Steve Grew and Trent Mclean-Ash, looked after by Honourary Member and 41 Club Member Stacey Ash climbed into a Taxi at 00:30 am outside Branston Golf and Country club and headed directly off to Luton Airport to catch a quick hop over to Gothenburg ‘City’ Airport (and do take City with a pinch of salt as it appears to have been situated in the middle of a forest) still dressed in our DJs and in true tabling fashion handed a beer each on our arrival.

photo(2)Having freshened up and eaten at our hosts houses it was time for a quick jaunt on one of the Kungälv tabler’s yacht, taking in many islands whilst being plied with both food and more beer (so unlike Table!). Our destination for that evening was a small island with a sauna directly on the coast, this allowed you to be alternately cooked then frozen as you pegged it from the Sauna into the North Sea off the pier – or for those of a more nervous disposition – carefully lowered into the sea via a set of steps. Our night was spent in a cabin on the island and having not slept the night before and drunk a sufficient amount through the day I can safely say there was no insomnia that evening.

photo(3)By the next morning we were fully recovered and we headed back to the yacht only to discover that wasn’t quite the boat we were heading out on. A 70 MPH RIB had been hired to take us out on a trip into the (choppy) North Sea, this only began to sink (no pun intended) in as we were given full ‘oil-rig’ style survival suits in case you were washed overboard or the boat turned over and given the indemnity forms to sign. An exhausting couple of hours later with stops on a couple of islands for more beer, from the surviving bottles that hadn’t exploded in the boat from all the jumping in the boat, and we returned to the more sedate yacht that we then took back to the mainland.

A quick and delicious lunch before we returned to our hosts houses to freshen up prior to that evening’s black tie dinner. In traditional numbermeeting fashion we had carefully prepared an ‘authentic’ English Morris Dance, unfortunately no videos have managed to survive, the highlight of which was both table’s Chairmen doing the Morris and hitting each other over the head with tin-foil trays.

We headed back to our home hosts to get a good night’s sleep before an early start in the morning for the airport – or so Stacey and Trent thought. Whilst Steve and I headed off to Jimmy’s slept, Stacey and Trent discovered that their beds just happened to also be a music room at Morten’s and the Jam session carried on until 4am.

A great weekend with good friends, bring on the next one!

Mark Dissington
Chairman, Swadlincote and District 308

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