Nottingham Riverside Festival Dragon Boat Challenge – the results

Good Evening Beeston Round Table and Gents of Area 14.

Well what can I say about yesterday!

Sunday 5th August 2012 – Beeston 573 showed their Olympic qualities on the River Trent in the Nottingham Dragon Boat Race 2012.

We had it all, great banter, great fun, great support from table, area and national.

And I defiantly think we made some friends in the Nottingham community.

The day started with an early start 7am at the Trent river side for set up, George Loydall as always supported Beeston with his equipment, a real trooper for table and area as always, once we had negotiated some extra space, we got the gazebo’s up, the tables and chairs in, banners up, beer in the tent, leaflets out, coffee and tea on, we were ready for action.

Bosco organised the tea and coffee, and prepared over 100 sandwich rolls for the athletes of Beeston and Area.

Chris Jackson organised the beer,cider and very strong cider for us all.

Simon Riley supported us with his valuable help with Mark Gilda, both from area 14.

We set out all the table leaflets and gift bags that we had earlier in the week put together.

Then the athletes of Beeston and Area started to arrive, after a crew count and brief from the captain we were all ready for the first race.

And we had a second place in the first race round so a great result, and then onto an eagerly awaited second round, and with a change in team selection we introduced the power house muscle from area, Chris Watkins – to bang the drums and motivate the team, and by this time Cait Allen had arrived-National Chief Executive who was straight up for rowing.

So round two-and what a round it was for Beeston, the team were in place in the boat, the drummer in place to motivate the crew.

So they made their way up to the start line and what a start it was, It was ready, steady then go………Mr Watkins Area Chair fell into the Trent and took the President Robert Digby in with him with Shaun our guest!

A disappointed crew looked on as Mr Watkins was dragged onto the safety boat, with a big cheer from the crowd on the Trent bank, but we did recover to get two further race in credible time, and in the very final race we came a credible second again.

Overall Beeston Crew-Round Table Men Behaving Badly came in 26th out of 45 teams, a very respectable performance.

And to add to the Olympic Performance by our team, we ensured that on land we made friends with the crowd and gave all potential tablers some great goody bags to take away.

At our base camp we also had our very own face painter that was organised by Bosco, for the parents to come bring the kids and enjoy a little drink on behalf of Beeston, with the support of Long Eaton Ladies Circle Chair Lady Jane Smith, the whole family of table got great representation.

Overall a great day for Beeston Round Table and the family of table, hopefully a new annual event for Beeston RT and its friends, not forgetting the work of Rainbows Hospice who will get the support of monies raised from the day.

Please go to our Facebook to see all pictures of the day supplied by our very own Mark Gray – great job Mark!

Table at its Best, A Big Thanks to All!

Marcus Jones
Chairman 2011/2013
Beeston 573 & District Round Table

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