Beeston 573 & District Induction of New Member and Donates to Foxwood

On Monday the 23rd July the team are pleased announced at their last business meeting the growth of prospective members and the latest to join the team, through great work on the programme and web this year. Beeston are using the chairs motto “Great Events,Great Programme” and backing it up with a membership drive.

Part of the evening saw Chris Jackson inducted Into Beeston 573 by chairman Marcus Jones, with great banter from all it was a memorable event that I am sure Chris will not forget, and with tabling pedigree Chris brings with him great experience.(watch for more news on inductions shortly)

To also support a great night, Chris Humphries Head of Fox wood School Bramcote presented to the team the work that the project has focused on since 1977 to the latest venture Sweet Treats in Beeston.

The school focuses on getting children prepared for work and getting work placements, the pupils of the school do present different levels of learning disabilities, giving them confidence in what is a difficult area.

Chris enthusiasm came through loud and strong, and we were all impressed by his motivation and inspirational stories, and I am sure that links will be forged by our Tablers in the future.

To support their fantastic work Beeston RT made a gesture to a project they are working on now, which enables children with learning disabilities to go to the Paralympics this year, to show how difficulties can be overcome and turned into positives.

Thanks to Foxwood Head Chris Humphries for a great talk.


Marcus Jones
Chairman 2011/2013
Beeston 573 & District Round Table

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