Swad 308 Segway

Swadlincote Round Table spent a morning doing off-road driving of a different nature this morning at Go Ape’s Segway Course in Cannock.

After the obligatory safety briefing and a few minutes getting to grips with steering and stopping we were let out onto the course following our guide.

A few minutes in and our tutor revealed that he’d be turning the Segway training mode off and they’d be switched to full performance! We had another minute to get used to the ramped up speed before we continued around the course, now at full whack.

Needless to say our first casualty came a couple off minutes later on a particularly steep descent (which is one of the more difficult things to master as the Segway auto-brakes and recharges it battery F1 KERS style downhill).

After remounting we carried on only for another ‘racing incident’ on the next descent. A bit of extra coaching and we were off again, whizzing past cyclists, jiggers and dog walkers.

The hour was past in a flash with the crescendo being fording a brook and then a twisty through trees and bracken section before returning to base camp.

A quick coffee at the cafe before we went our separate ways after an excellent event, we even managed go stay dry!

Mark Dissington
Swadlincote and District 308


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