Beeston & District Bike Pub Crawl

We counted them all out and we counted them all back again.

The night kicked off in the usual style.

Following the England game we met at the Cornmill full of enthusiasm and eager for the off. With the first pint downed we headed for Derbyshire.

It was at about this time we realised it was in fact quite a long way to the next pub so in usual Round Table fashion (Adopt, Adapt & Improve) we stop a little earlier and were greeted by Andy Guy on hand to get the beers in – The Bull at Breaston

We thought it was too good to be true as the next short cut suggested added a good mile to the route to the Harrington Arms where we were greeted by Chris Jackson.

Jonesy took the opportunity to start his mystery quiz questions, which were a complete mystery as we hadn’t even visited the pub which the questions were about. Andy Britton still managed to get the most answers which spooky enough the answer to two of the questions were ‘Willoughby’ – Steve you were there in spirit!

Off to the Steamboat where Andy Guy pointed out it was supposed to be a bike ride pub crawl and far too much coke was being drunk (you know who you are)

A swift stop the the Barge saw the great food debate commence finally settled on KFC – which was shut chippy – which was shut

Andy Guy departed back to his own county with our fond farewells.

Time for a quick one back at the Cornmill followed by the drive through McDonalds – the pictures tell a story which will be repeated at the next business meeting!!!!!

Thanks to everyone who came along and Jonsey for the quiz questions.

Great night of fun, farce, fellowship and jobs worth’s at the drive through!

Oh and 12.2 miles with no punctures (no quick gags about sore bottoms!!!!)


Marcus Jones
Beeston 573 & District

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