Eight men, Eight weapons and a Forest

Swadlincote Round Table organised a morning’s gentle exercise in the Forests of Rosliston Forestry Centre early(ish) one Saturday morning in June.

Despite Mother Nature’s best attempts to make this a true Monsoon Jungle warfare event, the skies cleared and the sun came out to let 2 teams of 4 soldiers belt around the trees, bunkers and cover under the pine trees. Trying to avoid ‘friendly’ fire and revelling in the freedom that comes with a Laser Combat scenario programmed for unlimited lives, ammo and Full Auto settings on automatic weapons.

An apt blast of loud rock music from the nearby wedding party in an adjacent field (who I’m sure weren’t expecting eight guys in camouflage with guns running around next door) to start the first game and we were away, realistic sounds of gunfire and ‘kill’ confirmations sounding from our battery packs.

After a couple of games with combatants’ scores ranging from 0 (zero) to the 900’s, it wasn’t until the last 10 minutes of our hour’s exertion that we realised the reason for our various low scores was due to each ‘bullet’ fired decreasing your accumulated score by a point! Oh, how we rued some bouts of Full Auto careering through the trees.

A quick tally up of the points revealed that the Allies were victorious and we retired to the Cafe for post-battle Pasties and Bacon Sarnies  – a morning well spent.

Mark Dissington
Swadlincote and District 308

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