Area 14 tells National……It’s just a jump to the left…..!!

Gentlemen of Area 14..

Area 14 demonstrated yet again that we are the elite of the Association by making up 10% of the voting delegates at the Rocky Horror themed National Conference in Torquay.


Six tables from the mighty 14 were represented at the Saturday morning AGM, ably led by the mighty Chris Watkin, with delegates from Beeston, Derby Merlin, Grantham, Leicester de Montfort, Long Eaton and Swadlincote showing how the Area system can and should work. As you can see from the picture we were the envy of National (we even had some nice bloke from Area 22 join us!!) and it was made obvious on numerous occasions how jealous other Areas were of our identity and togetherness.

The main AGM decision to be made was that of the direction in which the National Vice President Gong went in, so with the percentage of the vote held by our Area, Area 14 had a big say in Stephen Sprod being next year’s National President – I am sure he knows the respect and appreciation he needs to give our great Area as a result!!

Yet again, Conference was a fantastic weekend and Area 14 certainly can be proud of itself. Thanks go to Chris Watkin and Becky May (Area 20 Ladies Chair) for looking after us over the weekend and thanks to Mikey Richardson for the pictures.


Who knows, maybe the picture of our delegates on the National Board seats is a sign of things to come????

Come on Area 14!!!

Steve Grew

Area 14 Press & PR

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