Long Eaton and Beeston Joint Event

On Tuesday 13th March Long Eaton and Beeston Round Tables’ got together for a joint event.

Darren Hickling put the invitation out for Beeston to join Long Eaton in a night of Touch Rugby, Fun and Fellowship at the home of Long Eaton Rugby Club.

The evening began with some light warming up, followed by some ball handling skills (yep there is no answer to that!).

Once the rugby club were happy with our lack of ability they threw us in to a couple of games of touch rugby. The first the full length of the pitch, the second just the half pitch size!

We retired to the bar for a couple of well earned beers and a chilli. Whilst there we were treated to a rundown on the current state and future plans for Long Eaton Rugby Club, from their current chairman Chris Brookes.

A great night was had by all, even if a few players were rather stiff the next day, as Rob Digby quoted ‘the only thing not aching are my eye lashes’

Many thanks to Darren Hickling and Long Eaton Round Table for organising and extending the invitation to little ol’ Beeston and thanks to the boys from Long Eaton Rugby Club who made us very welcome and only sniggered a couple of times throughout the night.


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