Duffield to Seleute for Breast Cancer


Please take 2 minutes to read below. At the end of it you’ll have a few choices.

1: Ignore it and do nothing

2: Pass the information to another contact and businesses for further sponsorship

3: find my page on Facebook (like it and share it) Gerard’s Anglo-Suisse 740 mile run

4: find me on Twitter ( follow and re-tweet ) @anglosuisserun

Please can you help ?

I am running from my house in Duffield, near Derby, to my home village of Seleute, in the North West of Switzerland. The distance is just over 740 miles, and will take a month to complete on foot. The route covers approximately 275 miles through England, 448 miles in France and 16 miles in Switzerland. I will be running a marathon a day!

‘WHY do such a mad thing?’, I hear you ask! (as many have asked before!) In recent years there have been six ladies in Duffield diagnosed with Breast Cancer; which given the population of 5000 is astounding! To make matters worse they have all been in their 40’s with young families, some of whom are still at primary school. The last person touched by this devastating disease counts amongst my closest friends. I have seen first hand the harshness both the disease and the gruelling treatment can have. Treatment which lasts about a year, involves chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. Whilst this gives hope of a cure, it comes with the cost of hair-loss, general fitness and loss of self-esteem. Apart from feeling unable to help, except through moral support, I felt I had to do something. My epic run to Switzerland is it!

This expedition is a big physical and moral effort for me. I will be leaving my family alone for a month, which as I’m self employed is a big sacrifice, for a cause to which I would like to make a big difference. I would like to raise £20,000 for the Breast Cancer Campaign, a charity set up with the aim of finding a cure for Breast Cancer. My expedition is possible thanks to help from the Round Table team and friends who will provide food and lodging for the night as I go through their region. I am doing this fundraising to help to detect cancers earlier, because nobody is immune to this dreadful disease. I lost both of my parents to Cancer at the age of 59.

How can you help this very worthwhile cause? It could be financial, but it could simply be publicity on your noticeboards, or any other way you think you can help. Your donation, however big or small really will make a difference. Please see my links to just-giving, text-giving and my website below. Facebook and Twitter will be my voice and friend throughout my trip. With the help of a GPS tracker, everybody will be able to follow my journey live.

I’m looking forward to my expedition with a little trepidation, but that is nothing compared to the struggle these ladies have had to face.

Please give generously

Gérard Varin

Email: info@anglo-suisse.net
Text: suis53 £ .. to 70070

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