Beeston & District 573 Celebrate 25 Years of the OAP Christmas Meal

Beeston & District 573 Celebrated 25 years of their annual OAP Christmas dinner in style.

Saturday 14th January saw over 90 old aged pensioners and community members treated to a fabulous 4 course meal and an afternoon of fun and friendship with a smattering of dancing and bingo all courtesy of Beeston & District 573.

The day started at 9.00am, for the Tablers, with Bosco Townsend arriving with all the utensils, food and ability to make it happen.

Like a well oiled machine (not from the night before, it is the 25th time this has been done!) The early team prepared the room for the guests and the back room for service and cooking. With a few choice words from Bosco everything was in order for the day.

Come 11.30am the afternoon crew turned up, dressed in black tie with a smile on their faces, to collect 65 of the anticipated 94 guests.

As the guest arrived they were treated to pre dinner drinks and some piped music ready for the event.

Dinners was promptly served at 1.00pm with crackers pulled, tummies full and coffee poured Terry Day launched into his music set.

With the party rolling Roger Dainty stepped up to deliver the bingo in his usual style.

With 4.00pm approaching the day was brought to a close with the tablers chauffeuring the guests back home.

Many thanks to all the tablers, friends, partners, siblings who all mucked in and made it into a truly memorable day for not only those attending but also those participating.

Thank you to the St John Ambulance crew who were on hand just in case and to John Manley Area 14 Chairman for supporting our event.

We counted then all in and we counted them all back out again.


Mike Richardson

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