Bingham to Loughborough in 3 days (via Ashby)

I wanted to give you an update of the latest Tabling events in the Area.

Thursday was Bingham & Radcliffe’s turn to hold their charter, ably resided over by Jason Hull. This was not only a celebration of B&C 59th year, but also the final year of Past Area Chairman Kevin Horn, our very own South African immigrant. It was a fantastic evening at Ashmores Restaurant in Radcliffe-on-Trent, with their guest speaker Phil Smeeton. Phil entertained the room with stories from his acting career, covering Sharp through to Judge Dread. There was even an attempt at Joke from the Area Chairman – well we all need to try something once!

Friday of course was Children in Need, with a large amount of effort going into fund raising all across area. This year National and the BBC teamed up as never before providing collecting tins, signage, Hi-vizs and even Pudsey key rings. If you have any feed back then please do pass onto Tom Bailey or myself as to your feelings of how these helped. So far I have had feed back from three tables and from these we have raised £6k. Hopefully from all across area we can hit the £10k mark. Congratulations must go once again to Hucknall who made it on to the live BBC coverage.

For me not only did I support Derby Merlin going rounds the pubs of South Derbyshire Friday night, I also has the honour of joining Ashby RT (to infinity and beyond) at their street collection on the High Street. Not only did they raise £400 on the Friday, they raised a further £1500 on the Saturday morning.

From the street it was time to dash home, switch my wings for a DJ to join the Loughborough boys in entertaining their Ladies!! I was really impressed by the way Table and Circle work side by side putting on a fantastic evening. Jim (or James as he seems to be known around the ladies) spilled the beans on all the bad habits of Loughborough whilst Lynn Bailey gave a performance evaluation of Jim’s abilities, which thankfully he just about passed. We also had a chance to see the Mo’s from the boys as well as raising over £300 for the cause.

All in all a great weekend and there is still more to come. The 22nd is Area Bowling in Ilkeston, followed by the Mo party in Leicester the next Wednesday (30th)

See you all soon,
Johnny Mad Dog MacManley

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