A great Ladies Night, what next?

I had the pleasure of attending the Leicester Ladies night. LDMRT 500 returned to their second home – the Grand Hotel – to put on a fantastic evening. From Brass Band through to menu, the whole evening ran under the stewardship of MC James (Steve) Farrar. Simon (clipboard) Riley took wine with every man and his dog, and even managed to eat some hot food. It was great to hear the speeches, especially as I wasn’t on the running order.

Ragini (LC chair for Leicester) talked of the challenge plate that has been set up between the two clubs, however unfortunately they managed to have the plate swagged on the night (tut tut). I am sure the Area Chairman can arrange for its safe return at the Area 14 Bowling competition on Tuesday 22nd November in Ilkeston.

Also this weekend was the Newark Ball, which although I was unable to attend, I hear great things from those that were able to attend. I look forward to being able to attend another Newark night before I end my chairman’s year.

So what next?

Thursday 17th November – Bingham Charter
Friday 18th November – Children In Need
Saturday 19th November – Loughborough Ladies night
Tuesday 22nd November – Area 14 Bowling night

I hope to see you all soon, especially if you have an event that you would like me to attend, drop me a line.

Johnny Mad Dog MacManley

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