Let the Challenge Begin

Beeston & District 573 have kicked off this years winter “Community Challenge Campaign” which is now in its 25th year!!!!

It starts at the end of November with the packing and distribution of 80-90 parcels to OAPs in the Beeston & District 573 Area, this is followed like many Round tables with a Christmas float around the district.

This partly raises funds for the parcels but also goes to our “Beeston Challenge fund” which has three key themes, Older people, Children & Young People, Disabled People. for which grants of up to £500 can be applied for from local groups in each challenge category sometimes we have surplus and give more but it all goes back to our locality.

It is the older peoples challenge we are following this year and it is Unique to Beeston & District 573

After the float it won’t stop there because in each parcel is an invite to a party which we will host in January.

All our parcel recipients and a few other local OAPS from care homes will be wined and dined by members of Beeston Round Table & 41 club in a Christmas meal at Chilwell Christchurch Hall In January 2012

Keep following us as the story unfolds….

Mike Richardson

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