Area 14 Bowling Results

On a cold and foggy night at the end of November, 36 brave men gathered to see who would emerge victorious in a competition of strength, skill and witty banter. This was of course the Area 14 10 pin bowling tournament!

A fantastic turnout of 36 gents representing 9 of the 15 tables that make up Area 14 arrived and were organised into teams and placed on what would become the battleground (or alleys depending on your point of view).

At this point I would like to thank Mark Vardy for his help in charming the lovely (!?!) young ladies at Ilkeston 1st bowl and negotiating 3 games for £9 plus burger & chips for the miserly sum of £3.50.

With only the first 2 frames counting towards the Area 14 Bowling trophy battle commenced and I have to say the standard of bowling was extremely high! On this form Area 14 should have no difficulty in repeating last years achievement and should retain the National 10 Pin Bowling title. There were of course some outstanding scores one that has to be mentioned is Ben Shouler from Melton Mowbray who scored a magnificent 198 in the first frame although in the second frame it was our very own 5 a side captain Lee from Derby Merlin who scored a very respectable 171.

The podium places for the bowling were as follows: 1st Melton Mowbray, 2nd Derby Merlin and 3rd Loughborough.

Finally I need to ask a question of Area 14 is there enough support to hold a 5 a side football tournament in January 2012 or would you prefer to support another sport??

Please email, text or ring me ASAP as your answers will determine the outcome.

Area 14 Sports Officer

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