Area 14 F1 Karting Results

Greetings all,

A magnificent evening was had by budding F1 stars last Wednesday (26th October) where 11 teams from Area 14 vied in treacherous conditions in Newark for the honor of standing on the podium holding a trophy which proved how great a driver they are!

After a tense briefing basically consisting of put your foot down, go round the corners , don’t crash into bales and don’t crash into each other we were ready to go! Well most of us were as Derby Merlin turned up with our illustrious leader Mr Manley somewhat later than anticipated.

With 30 mins of practice/qualifying available for the teams of 4 it meant only 7 1/2 minutes each to get to grips with these 2 engined beasts of the karting world! It is also worth mentioning that the track we were competing on is an actual championship track which hosts international Karting events so clear from your mind images of slow kiddies karts going round in a small loop. Add into the mix the cool weather and the downpour just prior to getting out on the track and to say things were a bit dicey was an understatement! It quickly became apparent which teams had been karting before and it came as no small surprise to see Newark on pole position.

After qualifying came the race and with Fleetwood Mac’s ‘the chain’ no doubt being hummed in every helmet on the grid the race was a go! And what a race it was 60 minutes of pit stops, spins, off track excursions, spins, small bumps, spins, gentle nudging, spins and yet more spins (did I mention it was slippy?) With the leaders out front it was left to the middle order to show where the real racing was and swopped positions with reckless abandonment!

Everyone agreed that it was a fantastic night out and when the Karts had been put away, the helmets & driving overalls stowed away it was off to the pit side restaurant for a well deserved curry & chips plus 2 free drinks to celebrate all our achievements. The track organisers did a fantastic job and also I must thank Scott Bower of Newark for setting this event up for us.

It now only leaves me to give you the finishing positions:

1st – Newark (Bower)
2nd – Hucknall
3rd – Ashby
4th – Beeston
5th – Leicester Demontfort
6th – Newark (Walton)
7th – Newark (Marshall)
8th – Loughborough
9th – Newark (MacKay)
10th – Grantham
11th – Derby Merlin

Fastest laps –

1st (Disqualified) – 01.12.01 Newark (Marshall) – Not taken into account as missed out an entire section of race track!
1st – 01.20.68 – Newark (Bower)
2nd – 01.21.23 – Newark (MacKay)
3rd – 01.22.09 – Newark (Walton)
4th – 01.23.03 – Beeston
5th – 01.23.85 – Ashby
6th – 01.24.31 – Hucknall
7th – 01.25.05 – Leicester
8th – 01.25.13 – Grantham
9th – 01.27.82 – Loughborough
10th – 01.29.05 – Derby Merlin


Also next event is 10 Pin Bowling at 1st Bowl in Ilkeston on Tuesday 22nd November 7.30pm ( a separate email will be coming out for this in the next day or two.



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