NSW Report – Leeds 2011

Last weekend the might of Area 14 rocked up at Leeds University for the National Sporting Event. 55 strong in number, with advanced guard (golfers and drunks) arriving on the Thursday night, with the main horde coming on the Friday.

For those lucky early ones it was a beer and curry whilst getting the layout of town ready for the big Friday session. Area 14 being the generous guys we also allowed a number of other areas to tag along.

Friday started for some bright and breezy as they clocked off work and travelled up to Leeds, for others it started a little bleary eyed after the night before. For those hard core Tablers who had a full day in Leeds it was the Royal Armoury followed by a gentle pub crawl round town before heading back to tie up with the rest of 14.

Friday night as expected was the standard messy affair – of course to protect the innocent there are no photos, but as much for the reason that I couldn’t hold my camera steady!!

Saturday morning everyone woke with the sporting spirit. What a great day of success we had.

  •  Wins in Rugby, Cricket, Pool and Cross Country
  •  Second place in Basketball and Football
  •  Third Places in Table Tennis and Golf

As well as truly Olympic efforts across the other sports.

For those that haven’t heard I must apologise on behalf the Area as I was unsuccessful in bringing home the Victor Ludorum trophy. We were beaten by Area 10 AGAIN by 6 points. What we can take back is that we were by far the largest area represented at the weekend, maxing out the fun fellowship.

Next years event is being held in Birmingham over the weekend of 6-9th September 2012. As ever we will make sure that we get the NSW team along to present at the Area AGM in April, not only to hear update on the event but to book in. If you can’t wait or want to understand the cost then visit http://www.NSW2012.co.uk

Yours In Table

Johnny Mad Dog MacManley

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