Land Rover ‘off road’ day

Beeston Round Tablers, friends, guest and prospectives set off with a glint in their eyes and the excitement of small children, to go and test out some Land Rovers as they are supposed to used OFF ROAD.

When I say glint, it was probably sleep, and excitement was probably yawning at 7.30 am on a Sunday!!!!!!!

Chairman Marcus Jones pulled a few strings to arrange a morning off roading at Land Rovers Rockingham set up.

On arrival we were served coffee and bacon rolls then a quick briefing from the main man Don before we set off. Don’t go too fast, don’t go too slow, I don’t think anyone paid much attention as they were either hung over or still half asleep!

A great time was had by all, everyone who wanted to have a drive got the chance with so challenging obstacles, steep climbs, ruts, water and sheep.

Don’t worry Ruman we won’t tell the wife it took you ages to get it up!!!!! (The hill)

Thanks to Marcus Jones for organising the event, Don and his team for the expert guidance and also to Chris Hughes who acted as one on the wing man.

The day was soundly rounded off with a couple of small beers in the sunshine.




Mike Richardson

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