Derby Merlin defend Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy

Two of Area’s finest Tables clashed at Willows Sports Centre in Derby to compete for the Geoff Hine Trophy – Derby Merlin v Ashby. The sport chosen by the challengers was Indoor cricket. Two teams of 8 arrived and limbered up ready for the rules to be explained, with Mike Chewy Richardson needing to have them explained twice. To be fair to him he is a Notts County season ticket holder, need I say more?

Once the match started the toss was won by Derby Merlin, who chose to bat first and set the score to beat. Swiftly and if a little expertly DMRT racked up 156 to chase. Ashby gallantly took to the pitch to respond, but unfortunately were confronted with a solid bowling and fielding team. Eventually ground out 86.

At the end of the night I had to take the neutral position and award the trophy to DMRT – I didn’t rub it in at all. Now if this all sounds a little far fetched, considering Simon Addison was in the Ashby team, do help have a look at the Score sheet Willows kindly printed out for us!!

So when you consider challenging for the GHT, you know where it is. It’s on a shelf with a space ready for the Victor Ludorum Trophy next to it. So bring it on and throw down the challenge.


Johnny Mad Dog MacManley

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