HRT 578 increase membership 41% in 1st Quarter 2011

The Chairman (Martin Burge) and his team of merry men, Hucknall Round Table 578 in Area 14 are setting their sights high! Following a fantastic year with the IPC’s Phil Dobson and the nationally recognised HRT 578 Giveaway (Giving away over £10,000) last year.

Hucknall have just inducted 5 new members. The youngest being 22!!! (That’s 41% growth)

Like most tables we are suffering the aftermath of the 41 to 45 age change. Besides honary’s & PIG’s, HRT’s members had dropped alarmingly.

Being a forward thinking table our IPC & Chair planned a big hit to the New Year. Well DING DONG they managed it. FIVE NEW members.

The current membership officer Jonny (No SOX) Lightbody has set a personal challenge of double figures for the year 2011 2012. Only ever done once before a few years ago by the then Chairman Richard (Super Dick) Fuller & myself (then Membership officer). Let me tell you bloody hard work!

The 5 new members – in no particular order:

Dan Hayes (Dan)

Paul Hopewell (Hopie)

Chris Ankeritt (Turk 2)

Matt Fletcher (22) (Boy Band) I wonder why?

Simon Manchester (Big Si)


Lee Freeley

Vice Chairman


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