Area 14 Cricket Challenge

This weekend the might of the Area sportsman took up the challenge laid down by Attenborough cricket club. In aid of the local Air Ambulance 11 Tablers, from 6 different clubs, took to the field on Sunday afternoon. Despite the fact that some were out of practice, others were with borrowed kit and some with dodgy knees (love you Mikey), the guys met their opposition promptly before two and straight away won the toss. Tactics were revealed straight away with Area 14 putting the home team into bat first (guaranteed at least one innings would make it to 40 overs).

The Attenborough team were a little shaken to begin with as the fast bowlers were brought out, then fast hands John Whaler took good catches to start depleting the ranks of the hosts. Slowly the Attenborough team were worn down and after 40 overs made it to 166.

Following the afternoon tea break, kindly organised by the club, the teams resumed back on to the field. Although 14 lost a couple of quick wickets, the team managed to stabilise on the final pairing when the score was at 60 for 8. The final pairing then acted as if their feet had been stuck to the crease, showing the home team how to knock out the runs. They put on a quick 20 runs, pushing the fielders out as they started to find the boundary. Unfortunately all good things must come to an end and at 80 runs after 19 overs the final man was bowled.

Although the final score shows the Area 14 team in a losing position, if you consider the run rate and winning the toss at the beginning, I think you will agree that Area 14 were truly the winners on the day.

Not only was there activity on the field but also in the pavilion. Bosco was busy BBQing for the spectators, Gemma from Air Ambulance was promoting the good work her and the crew do, as well as a Raffle being collected. All in all the event raised £500 on the day with more coming from a silent auction the Cricket Club are still running on behalf of the charity.

In conclusion, although some of my sporting report may not be a 100% accurate, it was a fabulous family day, with great heroics on many fronts. Thank you to all those that supported the day as well as to Attenborough Cricket Club that hosted the day.


Johnny Mad Dog MacManley

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