Ashby Roundtable Devon C2C biking weekend

Well the intrepid explorers from Ashby Round Table have returned from their latest adventure conquering the Devon Coast to Coast, the Nine Riders and the Three Pit Stop Crew went from Ilfracombe in North Devon to Plymouth Hoe in just 2 days.

Being led the way by our very own Lance Armstrong (Greg Clarke) and Mr Map Perfection (David Gross) 100 + miles were covered, not to mention a large qty of cooked breakfasts, cream teas, pints and steaks.

Along the way we were kindly hosted by Okehampton Round Table who turned out to meet us and hopefully will be guests at our next charter (pretty certain they will as our SWAG instincts went into overdrive taking the Chairman and Presidents boards- see picture) who I have to say have probably the best table meeting room you could want, even the CCTV (which we didn’t know at first) caught us in the act, but not only did they not stop us, but were laughing at our attempts to remove the SWAG off the wall!!!

The Weekend was only Blighted by one fall – Mark Whetton was also amazingly the only person to suffer a puncture as well.

Just would like to say a big thank you to everyone for making it a great weekend, the Support Team and Paul Dumalo Landscapes for use of their van for transporting the bikes.


Richard Harland

Ashby 507 Chairman

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