National AGM

Over the weekend of the 7th/8th was the National AGM for RTBI and Ladies Circle, which was attended by 26 of the joint Areas of 14 (Table obviously) and 20 (the lovely Ladies Circle). What a fantastic weekend we all had by the sea. Although no kiss me quick hats in sight, we did get to dress up and represent ourselves as the finest netball team going in RTBI.

So what were some of the highlights?

  • Ten Pin Bowling – won by John Lawrence (DMRT 998) and Jon Carlisle (LDMRT 500)
  • National Quiz – won by Grewboy (Swad 308), Phil Yates (DMRT 998), Simon Riley (LDMRT 500) and George Loydall (LERT 461)
  • Golf – valiantly represented by Mike Richardson (Beeston 573) and Jon Carlisle (LDMRT 500), although unfortunately no cigar in this case
  • Fancy Dress party in the Imperial – party to 2am
  • Joint Presidents Ball on the Saturday, more partying hard into the night
  • Adam Connor being awarded Past Presidents Pot for “Best Contribution to the AGM” for his insight to the National subs debate
  • Oh, and if you had guessed, a big double helping of fellowship and beer

Key outcomes from the RTBI AGM

  • National Subs to rise to the new level of £99.40. Although there was an active debate from the floor on the topic, in the end the rise was voted through, despite Adam Connor’s insightful contribution.
  • Area 14 to remain as part of Region 8 along with Area 22. The consolation is that our very own George Loydall with be the regional representative for next year. Although the motioned submitted, by Steve Grew and myself, was defeated, this is not the end of the matter. We will continue to campaign and work with the National Board to deliver the right structure for not only Area 14 but also for RTBI.
  • National Sales team is to remain the sole official point of purchase for Round Table merchandise. All Tables should be sourcing their t-shirts, badges and so on from them.
  • Round Table and Children in Need to come together in a way not seen before – more information to be circulated over the next couple of months.
  • Membership is being the Optima survey, not only in membership but also in number of Tables.
  • The new “Members” web site almost ready to launch, which will join up the National site with the new format Table web site, creating a personalised site for each Tabler.
  • New CEO, Cait Allen, first mission is to set-up a development strategy, which will be issued as a discussion paper during the year to be signed off the end of 2011.

Other Awards

One of the areas that 14 didn’t feature well in was National Awards for Community Services, International activities as well as contributions to Tabler Magazine. I will be writing to National to get a list of these awards, as I feel what I have seen in just a couple of months is that Area 14 should be winning these awards, if only we were to share a little further afield.

Next Year

Next years event is to be held in Torquay over the weekend of May 11-13th. The theme is to be the Rocky Horror Picture Show.

We had 26 attendees from Table, circle and partners, lets make it bigger and better next year. Although there are those that would prefer to stay in the Conference Hotel, as Area we will also be looking to review other options to ensure that we can deliver the best value weekend that is possible.

Yours In Table,

Johnny Mad Dog MacManley

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