Area 14 push on to the final of the National Golf Tournament (and partake in a hastily arranged swimming comp)

The team consisted of Sports Officer JC and Mike from Beeston 573.

We had been drawn away to Area 8, their team captain was Lord Collier and the Warrington Chairman Martin. Area 8 were out for revenge, being the beaten finalist from last year, to the mighty Area 14.

The sun was shining, the buggies were booked and all was looking rosey on the first tee……… then disaster struck. JC in a hunt for his first ball off the first tee (note first!!) whilst over reaching and hanging on to a dodgy branch fell head first in to a pond!!!!

However in the face of adversity the team soldiered on, with the smell and dampness of JC becoming too much to handle and the team 1 down after 2 holes action was required.

JC stripped all his wet clothes off and swapped for his waterproof gear, in temperatures of 20 degrees plus, he was sweating like John Lesley but was dry and in the zone. The reversal of scores came shortly after and the boys from Area 14 never looked back, finishing the game on the 16th hole 3 & 2.

Many thanks to the boys from Area 8 arranging the game, and partaking in a couple of beers and a curry afterwards.

Bring on the final


Mike Richardson

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