Area 14 through to the semi-finals of ALL 4 National sporting events

Following a series of hurriedly re arrange activities / dates/ team members / wills to live/ Area 14 has triumphed in all four of the national sporting competitions. Our competition for the quarter final rounds was Area 36, based in The Wirral, and we were the away team.

BowlingHaving seen the devastating Mark Bailey at NSW, and all having 6 fingers they chose to concede both the snooker and Ten pin bowling ties, choosing to fielding strong teams for the golf and Quiz. Area 14 put together the golfing partnership of Stacey Ash and Mike Richardson and had a strong first choice of Captain Steve Grew and Phil Yates for the quiz with the simpletons Ash and Richardson making up the numbers and looking pretty.

With but a few hours before departure from the East Midlands, Area 36 threw the proverbial spanner in the works….. they withdrew from the golf due to illness but were prepared to do the bowling to keep face. With no time and commitments at such short notice our mighty Chairman Grew and Sports officer Carlisle laughed at their pitiful games and took the challenge. Only later when Ash and Richardson turned up at a bowling alley in plus fours brandishing nine irons did the reality dawn.

However, in the face of adversity, Area 14 TRIUMPHED in the bowling alley:

Area 36 – 448
Area 14 – 464 – winners

A special note of thanks to Phil Yates who said he would bowl if necessary so we didn’t have to forfeit.

Following a short drive to the local pub Area 14 were introduced to the opposing team and the Area Vice Chairman to commence the Quiz. To say it was close would be a gross overstatement.
With the oracle Yates, Grewboy’s luck (phosphorus… but I know its wrong, 3 points), Ash and Richardson’s enthusiasm and some scampi fries we were victorious. Their curve ball could of been the final round on the Beatles, as we were near Liverpool, however as Grew, Ash and Richardson sat back and watched in awe, Yates not only answered ALL of Area 14’s questions and bonus but also ALL of Area 36’s to receive a standing ovation from the audience.

Area 36 – 26 points
Area 14 – 74 points – winners

Thanks to all the guys in Area 36 who made us all very welcome and were great fun throughout the day.

COME ON AREA 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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