Area Bowls Results

Once again the Area Bowls hosted by Swadlincote 308 at Gresley Indoor Bowls Centre was one of the best attended Area Events of the year. 17 two-man teams took part and the results are:

1st – Melton A
2nd – Hucknall A
3rd – Ashby B
4th – LDM B

Losing Quarter Finalists:
Ashby A
Hucknall B
Swad B
Burton B

Honourable Mentions:
Beeston A
Gratham A & B
Derby Merlin A & B
Swad A
Burton A
Melton B

Well done to all Tablers who took part and on to the final area 14 sporting event for this tabling year.

Please book in with Mr Connor so he can organise leagues for the Area 14 Pool competition

Tuesday 29th March @ Rileys Pool Club – 17a St James Street Nottingham NG1 6FH

Book in with Adam 07813489596 or email

As things are with that Area Sports Competition getting good points on this event could make all the difference to who the Trophy goes to at AGM!

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