Hucknall Round Table Big Giveaway

Hucknall Round Table 578 set out this year to giveaway a total of 9 x £578 and a final big giveaway of £5780 in January 2011. So far this year we have supported 5 good causes – Spiral (support for bereaved children), Maggie’s Cancer Care, The Chloe Cotton Trust, Drum Therapy and the Holgate Infant School garden (see photo).

Whether it is a major project completing a £10,000 autistic unit in Cotmanhay, or a £500 trip for a seriously ill child to Disneyland, we aim support all LOCAL good causes. We are one of the strongest tables in the Country and have been going for 50 years.

HERE’S A feel-good story in depressing times that would cheer up the community.

The Round Table is a movement for men between 18 and 45, and runs nationwide raising money and helping local causes as well as major charities, our National President is supporting the RNLI this year, while I Phil Dobson Chairman of HRT chose Nottingham Royal Society for the blind for my charity, taking part in their charity abseil with 5 other Tablers raising over £500 for them.

Annually we take part in The Children in Need Appeal and collect at Nottingham train station and Collins cash & carry, generally put £2500 plus into the CIN funds.

I have attached some bits on what we have done this year’s so far.


Phil Dobson

Chairman, Hucknall 578

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