Another 578 Giveaway

Hucknall Round table have done it again, another £578 giveaway to a Hucknall school.

The seeds have been sown for a Hucknall school to create it’s own garden. Annie Holdate Infant and Nursery School has become the latest to win a cash handout as part of Hucknall Round Table’s Big Giveaway project.

The money means essential such as planters, garden tools, soil and bulbs, which would have been beyond the school’s budget, can be bought. The idea behind the garden is to promote healthy eating among pupils by encouraging children to grow, care for and harvest their own fruit and vegetables. The produce will also be used in lessons.

Phil Dobson, Hucknall Chairman, said: “This is another great giveaway putting something back, every penny we raise at Hucknall round table is put into our charity fund, every penny.

“We only have 4 more giveaways to go 3 x£578 and the final giveaway of £5780 in January. So check out our web site to apply for the giveaway it only takes a minute what have you got to lose.”

Apply for the remaining giveaways at

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