Area Camping 2010

Will Tent Making


I would like to thank one and all for contributing to another great weekend of fellowship at the Ashbourne Heights Campsite. 136 Tablers from 6 different Tables, Circlers, friends and children came together to enjoy the weekend (if not the football).

Local Cider Drinkers

It all kicked off of on Friday, with the standard putting up of tents in the drizzle ready for it to clear just as the last peg goes in. At least it allowed time for beer, food, more beer, football and then one or two more beers (especially of your name is Mark “I love Speckled Hen” Bailey) to deaden the pain of another stupendous England performance.

Tissington Walk

Saturday started at a sedate pace with the Beeston crew delivering a healthy fry-up to line the stomachs, ready for a good brisk walk organised by Dobbo (Hucknall) to Tissington and back. What Dobbo failed to share was that he had worked out the highest point to take us back over, which although got most hearts going, did almost stop a few too.

Whole new meaning to Hill Starts

Dobbo Sliding

Saturday afternoon followed, as it normally does, with more. Hucknall really pulled a magnificent set of events out the bag. On top two fantastic bouncy inflatables there was the waterslide from utopia. With a gallon or two of soapy stuff and healthy supply of water, a sliding runway was christened.

Richard Fuller Trophy

As if all that wasn’t enough, two new Area Trophy’s were presented. First was the “Richard Fuller” Camping event cup for the amazing challenge of riding the reverse bike. Surprisingly enough for an event organised by Hucknall, Hucknall won the darn thing!! Then for the kids – Emma Richardson (from the Beeston clan) won the Heads and Tails game. Both of the new trophies will be competed for each year on future camping weekends.

Childrens Trophy

Geoff Hine Trophy

The evening then went on in to the early hours punctuated by more of Beeston’s finest cuisine, more beer, more bouncy castle and of course a Geoff Hine Trophy
Challenge. Unfortunately, the might of Derby Merlin forgot who they were challenging and set the contest as keepy uppy, so of course Hucknall then kicked butt – Oops!!

Sunday then followed, slightly slower for some than other (Diggers you bad boy), which then started the beginning of breaking camp after more fried breakfast.

To recap the whole weekend and to award credit where due:
• Beeston for playing the role of camp cooks
• Hucknall for being Kings of entertainment
• Derby Merlin for lending their butts to be kicked
• Karen Cox and Steve Grew for lending their Chairmanly endorsements
• And of course our families for allowing us to play for the weekend.

Yours in true admiration of how great area 14 is

John Mad Dog MacManley
Area 14 VC

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