New Band discovered at National Conference – Harrogate 2010

What a fantastic spectacle of Fun & Fellowship the National Conference was again in Harrogate this year.  Hastily re-arranged after the fire at the Majestic hotel, the conference original HQ, the conference team valiantly dragged the event from the flames and like a phoenix it rose out of the ash to be the best conference that I have been to over the last 4 years.

With the new format in place to stream-line costs, delivering true value for money, the event centred around two party nights and one AGM.

The Area 14 massive, drawn from the elite of Leicester, Loughborough, Long Eaton, Bingham, Swad & Derby Merlin, started with an Area meal at the Orchid restaurant.  After a bit of wheeler dealing by Dr. Connor, we all settled down to a Chinese spectacular of food.  From there it was on to the first night party – ‘70s Disco Carwash.

As you can imagine there were weird and wild outfits being worn from across RTBI, with Johnny 5 Shoes and Mark Haspel competing on the freak streaks.

From the party there was no time for bed, it was time for Rehab – the local club that had been lined up for entertainment, with kebabs being served at 2am.

The following morning, with bleary eyes and bellies of full Yorkshire breakfast, we all head off to listen to the debates and to vote on the resolutions of the AGM. The main topic debated was that of the increased national subs.  Thankfully, unlike the previous year, the discussions only went on for minutes rather than hours.

After having missed the FA Cup final, it was off to get ready for the Presidential Ball back at the HIC.  All the lasses were dressed to killed and the boys dressed to impress, although it didn’t last once the drinks started to flow and the bands began to play (Take That and Blues Brothers Tribute).

Some of the Area 14 went off line to a quieter area up stairs, to enjoy a low key juke box area with bar.  Here the might of Swad took hold and broke out the instruments and strutted their stuff for the adoring fans.

Once again after partying hard for some it was time for Rehab to see 4am come and go.

All in all a great weekend, so if you have never been to Blackpool or Conference, clear the diary for May 5-8th 2011, dust off your school uniforms and come party.  If you don’t believe me ask the Conference Virgin, Johnny 5 Shoes Lawrence.

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