Out with the old and in with the Grew

Area 14 AGM

Incoming Chairman Steve Grew would like to thank all of those who attended Area AGM on Monday 26th April 2010. On the evening Past Area Chairman George was congratulated on a fantastic year in the chair and the new year’s Area executive was warmly welcomed in.

Branston Golf & Country Club’s Pavilion was the venue and the food and hospitality was second to none. This coupled with overwhelming support from Swadlincote 41 Club for a new Swadlincote Area Chairman, despite some of the guys having to leave early for their night time cocoa, made for a most entertaining evening.

There was a vote held on the evening between two outstanding tablers for the role of Area Vice Chairman, John Manley of Derby Merlin 998 and Lee Freeley of Hucknall 578. Presentations were made and finally a vote was taken by all present tables of Area 14 with the eventual victor being John Manley and he was presented with the Vice Chairman’s Jewel  In addition, Stacey Ash was presented with the Area Presidents Gong, which to his delight was in his favourite team, West Hams, colours.

There was also a brief interruption by three ‘Mafioso’s’ representing Ladies Circle and they presented the incoming chair with a prettily wrapped gift and the newest member of Swadlincote Round Table was inducted by Dave ‘Sharky’ Barker.

Another fantastic table year has now ended and a new hopefully equally fantastic year has begun…..


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