Hucknall 578 Giveaway

We want to give away ……


Our charity fund is bursting with cash and we want to give away £578 to a worthy cause every month PLUS….

a final giveaway of a huge £5780!

Hucknall Round Table (HRT578) is looking for good causes around Nottingham to receive £578.

Each month a worthy recipient will be chosen on merit and a cheque handed over from funds HRT has raised during the year.

Whether it is a major project like finishing a £10,000 autistic unit at a school in Cotmanhay, a £2,000 marble plinth for the RAF 504 Squadron Memorial or a smaller gift of £500 for a trip to Disneyland for a child with a serious illness, we support all LOCAL good causes.

We rarely donate to other charities, preferring to give the cash direct to the beneficiaries, as we work hard for our cash and we want every penny to go to the people who deserve it.

We need help from Nottingham newspapers, radio and TV stations to help raise awareness of our BIG GIVEAWAY campaign and generate publicity that encourages worthy causes to ask HRT for financial help. Applications to .

Full details (& rules) are to be found on the website.


Name: Jonathan Lightbody (HRT Program Organiser) Tel: 07875 490077 Tel: 01623 822611 Email:

Name: Phil Dobson (HRT Chairman) Tel: 01773 764288 Email:

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