Leicester De Montfort – MAG 8 Euro Tour

Leicester’s Ash Sheikh reporting.
In Early March The Mag 8 (Ash Sheikh, Shahid Sheikh, Chan, Mark Judd, Steve Hagger, Nigel Cooper, Keith Bedford and Bodd) part of Leicester De Montfort 500 went on their annual international tour. This year Prague was visited by The Mag 8 and what a weekend it was. Temp Minus 10 degrees with the occasional flood which only Shahid and Bodd were caught up in, thankfully they survived.
Our tour manager did a fantastic job with plane seating allocations, 5 star hotel with whirlpool, excellent steak houses for meals, front seats at Irish bar O’Reilys to see the footy, priority entry to selected clubs where international relations were exchanged with locals between drink breaks and during daylight with pin point accuracy to the must see churches and clocks were very exciting.
There was one rule broken during the tour by Keith Bedford, especially for having power naps during his international exchanges doing a JT on Steve Hagger. The sentence of execution was decreed and an executioner was quickly sourced. A last minute stay of execution was granted as Keith felt sleepy.
All Mag 8 members returned from the Czech Republic safe and sound although two Mags (Ash and Shahid) came close to getting a private tour by the Czech Immigration authorities of their office at the back of Prague airport. A swift intervention by our Liaison officer Nigel Cooper soon cleared up any misunderstanding between our European cousins and were allowed to join the rest of the Mag 8’s. This time Juddy didn’t lose his bags!
Anyone wishing to become a Mag and enjoy the experience with all its benefits please apply to Mag 8 recruitment officer Steve Hagger who will be only to delighted to look at your application for consideration.

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