Two Beeston Round Tablers win Muppet Award

Beeston Chairman Diggers reports:

Over the last few years, Beeston 573 have participated in an annual ski weekend in the snowy wastes of Northern Sweden in association with our twinned Tables from Enkoping 73 (SUI), Midt-Telemark 73 (NOR) and Kajaani 73 (FIN) and joined by many 100s of other like minded idiots from Tables across Scandinavia. It’s absolutely awesome and represents one of the most hedonistic Table events known to mankind. Words cannot describe how drop dead and available the women are and the skiing isn’t bad either.

This year, only two Beeston 573 Tablers, Kal Laats and Andy Guy, were available and brave enough to go again, leaving everyone else gut-wrenchingly jealous. I received a call last night (Thurs 21st January) from Kal to confirm their safe arrival in Enkoping, Sweden chomping at the bit. All is well with both of them with the exception of one minor detail. It’s next weekend! They will be flying back to Blighty at 9pm tonight a little red-faced and it won’t be from too much Jaigermeister. I would welcome any suggestions from other Area 14 Tables as to the size of the fine this monumental demonstration of complete muppetry deserves. Please feel free to take the *iss in large measure at forthcoming Charters, Area Dinners etc.

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