Derby Merlin Charter

Derby Merlin Chairman Ralph Willis writes.

“Every 5 years, something special happens at Derby Merlin Round Table. We celebrate the founding of our club back in 1969 with a spectacular ‘Charter Night’ dinner. In the the true tradition of our club, we guarantee top class entertainment, fine company and perfect hospitality. We’ve been working hard to ensure that this will be a fabulous Table night, remembered for many years to come so please make a note in your diary”.

“We have an astounding agenda prepared and are ready to entertain you with a list of headline acts which include Nick Page – former BBC TV presenter, racounteur and legendary wit). Also, highly talented musician Claire Greig. You wont believe your ears, or your eyes. She’ll blow your socks off (but only your socks – she’s married!).”

The date is Friday 9th October. Price is £28. You can book in by clicking here.

One Response

    Derby Merlin, LDM500 have in our holding your Table ring-a-ding Bell, a Table book, a blow up spitfire plane and metal money tin.

    Please make contact with us and arrange to collect these properties at one of our future meetings.

    Regards Ash Sheikh VC Leicester De Montfort

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