Rebirth of the Challenge Trophy

The Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy

The Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy

The Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy was started in 1956 to encourage the clubs of Area 14 to take each other on in a variety of sporting challenges. As with all things Roundtable, “sporting” is meant in its loosest possible sense. Challenges of the past have included table tennis, pub sports, badminton, rugby, golf, and many other mainstream sporting activities. But other challenges include Tippit (no, I’ve no idea either), marbles, Cardinal Puff-Puff (nope, still no idea), battleships, conkers, hop-scotch (surely some Ladies Circle ringers involved there), blow football (Circle here too?), wobbly ball, grave digging (!!), cranking (possiby a spelling mistake), and nut sucking (enough said, I think).

The trophy itself is the book of challenges as pictured. Lost in the archives since the mid 90’s, 2009/10 Area Chairman George Loydall has rediscovered it and dusted it off so that all the clubs in Area can compete again in whatever weird and wonderful events they can dream up.

The first official event to decide who has the trophy is Welly-Wanging at the Area Camp, Saturday 20th June.

Click on the tab at the top of the page for the the full rules, and some pictures from the original challenge record book. Alternatively clicking here will take you to the same page.

3 Responses

  1. Just a slight correction The trophy was still going in 2000. When I was area Chair the last events were Burton on Trent, Barrel rolling and an event between Long Eaton & Beeston 573 I think there is also a silver cup with this challenge that disappeared under the chairmanship of John Tyrer 2001-2002.

    Mark Gray
    Past Area Chair 1999-2000

    • Thanks for the update. I wonder if one of the record books is missing then? I’m pretty sure when I wrote the article that the last entries were as described. Maybe some pages have been stick together – I shudder to think what the sporting challenge would be for that….

  2. […] Sporting Officer Mike Richardson from Beeston. This also was the first time the recently relaunched Geoff Hine Challenge Trophy was contested. Throwing techniques varied almost as widely as distance achieved, but the eventual […]

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