Derby Merlin bowled over by Area

By our intrepid reporter John Manley.

Could this explain the loss?

Could this tactic explain the result?

Derby Merlin in efforts to beat the credit crunch kicked off 2009 with a price beating session of Skittles at the Clock Warehouse in Shardlow. Despite every effort by the disorganized Chair, the last minute invite out to area still managed to get Hucknall, Long Eaton and Burton to join the evening.

In true fashion the Hucknall crowd brought out their Skittles ringer in the guise of Mitch Robinson, who started the 3 leg event with a score of 25 from a possible 27. Thankfully beer and the emotion of the event helped to impede his skill allowing for the rest of us shorter members of Table to catch up.

The final result of the evening was a joint tie between Mark Bailey (DMRT) and Mitch. Unfortunately Mitch was over come by being caught up and had to leave without sharing in the spoils of victory which was some kindly donated cast off Chocolates.

For full view of the action click on this Photobox link.

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