Beeston in the Community (again!)

Beeston lead from the front again with its second project of the Roundtable year.

Many thanks to all those who turned up and ‘mucked in’ on the latest project.

Not many people who attended Hucknall’s charter night the previous evening (and returned home gone 3 o’clock) would of been  committed enough to start digging at 8.30am!!!! Well done diggers.

Through the PTA. we were approched to see if we could help out with an area of land which has been given to the school by the council. We found out that the strip of land hadn’t been touched for 40 years. The PTA don’t just want to clear the area and plant stuff, they wanted to make it a usable area for the children of the school. David Mitchell & Nadia Mckay were the Roundhill partents given the task of winding us up and letting us go

Armed with the appropriate weapons the team set about clearing and moulding (I would use landscaping but I think that’s a little OTT.) an area of the dig ready for it to be turfed. We planted in excess of 350 bulbs which, come spring, should look fantastic – photos will be taken.

Both Sam Oakland (3) and Hannah Bricklebank (a little older) joined in to give it a real family event feel – thanks for you help.

The manpower and donation that Beeston have given has made a direct impact in the community that we live.

Thanks to everyone who helped on the day and thank you to Chris Hughes who, again, set about the task of organising the project and liaising with the recipiants with the enthusiasum and committment that is wholey based on the round table values that we all hold dear.

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