Area 14 wins NSW ’08

Chairman Patrick celebrates

Chairman Patrick celebrates

Area 14 Chairman Patrick writes “You all managed it again! Yes, I am pointing at YOU! Congratulations to all of AREA 14 for an awesome achievement. The Victor Ludorum is back in her rightful home again! Area 14 has won the trophy as overall sports champions at NSW! As Chairman of NSW2008, the magnificent Will Ingleby would say – ‘Get Some’!

“Area 14, under the untouchable stewardship of Will Ingleby, NSW 2008 Chairman, laid on the best National Sporting Weekend in living history, and provided unrivalled hospitality. As if this was not enough, we, AREA 14 won back the Victor Ludorum, on top of five other individual sports trophies!

“As tablers – past, current and prospective, it was amazing to observe the commitment, graft, and dedication put in by all of our own team with the support of the fantastic ladies, being volunteers and athletes alike.

“You were awesome, and just demonstrates why Area 14 is so revered and respected throughout Round Table. With sincere appreciation to you all – and countless congratulations!”

Tabler Sean Taylor from Area 22 adds “Scarily impressive, Area 14. Unfortunately (for the rest of us) that comment applies to your Organisational skills, dedication and your sporting prowess! That total points score was monsterous, and may never be bettered! Thanks for a great weekend guys. Also, somewhat over-shadowed, but nevertheless worthy of mention – well done to Area 3 finishing in clear 2nd place – We didn’t really see that one coming in Area 22!”

One Response

  1. Men in tights of Area 14
    A fantastic NSW 2008 Thank you
    Well done for winning the Victor Ludorum again
    But I can’t seem to find any photo’s of your Tug of War team being pulled up hill by ‘not southern softies any more’ Area 3 Can you suply some???
    YIT Matthew, Godalming 429 Area 3

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