Area 14 Annual Regatta Returns

WOW! What a Sunday of Sporting prowess we all witnessed this weekend of 6th July!! Lewis Hamilton battled the wet conditions to steer himself to victory in the British Grand Prix; the bulging biceps of Rafa Nadal helped him power to the Wimbledon Men’s Championship; but by far the most outstanding performance of the day came on the River Derwent, where the elite of Area 14 (Table) and area 20 (Circle) lined up ready to race down the river for the glory that comes with winning the Derby Merlin 998 21st Annual Regatta!!

OK, so the weather wasn’t as kind as it could have been but there were enough sunny spells to keep our mood light and the atmosphere buzzing. It was tense out there on the water with even the most non-competitive person being suddenly transformed into a competitor of Olympic proportion, such was the desire to be the best in Area! There were new boats to get used to, no more oars, all paddles this year, more Hawaii 5-O than Wind in the Willows!! The steering was hyper-sensitive and the boats super heavy but none were deterred! With every heat came faster times as the crews became accustomed to their new mode of transport.

Long Eaton's winning crew

Long Eaton's winning crew

All in Area were determined to see a new holder of the Table trophy – Hucknall had won it for the past few years so could there be a change? Was there anyone out there capable of wrestling the trophy from their vice-like grip? Heats became semi-finals; semis became the final. All to play for – the Long Eaton men sported their bright orange vest tops to dazzle their opposition. The shock of 4 orange clad Tablers in a boat was clearly too much for the other teams as Long Eaton went on to win the Regatta and also the fastest time of the day.

A foot note to history must also go to the Hucknall Table, ably lead by the unstoppable Lee Freeley, for organising an impromptu Tug of War competition. It all seemed to be in keeping with the sportingness of the day, until Hucknall A ended up in the final verses Hucknall B. So that’s why they end up winning so many of the competitions!!

So a final congratulations to Derby Merlin Regatta Chairman Skip Sliverwood and his able team of boat repairman, Joe Beale & Mark Fletcher, for organising a most excellent of days.

You can see a whole load more photos of the day here.

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  2. […] You can read about last year’s event – won by Long Eaton wearing some very dodgy shirts – by following this link. […]

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