NSW Chairman does a runner!

In a shock story from the BBC, it appears that this man, pictured right, may soon be wanted by the police. Described as “angry” in the article – and by his own admission “a little bit annoyed” – esteemed NSW Chairman Will Ingleby was the target of a parking scam run by the local council. The rumours that it was a revenge attack by Derby City Council in retaliation for Round Table hosting the National Sporting Weekend ’08 in nearby Nottingham have so far been hard to prove. All Tablers are encouraged to book into NSW ’08 in protest.

Read the full story here.

(With thanks to Mark Judd of Leicester De Montfort for shopping Will!)

One Response

  1. You can download and listen to Will’s Radio Interview here:


    Join the fight and take a stand against jobsworth public sector petty bureaucracy!

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