Beeston Water Skiing Evening

Members of Beeston Table got all dressed up in rubber suits for an evening of water skiing at Home Pierpoint near Nottingham.

A great event and some good snap at the Nottingham Knight made for a really good Round Table night out.

  • Lee Freeley won the “perseverance on the board, I will get more than 10 yards” (or was that inch’s!) award
  • Ron won the nearest death experiance award
  • Greg won the “how did I not fall off at the corner” award
  • Mikey won the how did I fall off at the corner award?
    Andy Moore and George won the “how good do we look” award
  • Patch won the horizontal boarding award (surely you are supposed to have the board like a surf board and not a pool table?)
  • Oakie the “I must stop taking the P out of Mike and being cockey until I master the board myself” award.
  • Kal Latts for the “I feel lousey but won’t let table down and still turn up” award.
  • Andy Guy for the “I didn’t no anything wrong” award. (Watch out the award giver is after you!!!)

Many thanks to Steve & Tonie for showing their support and Eliot for making it to the pub after a loooong day at work.

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