New Area 14 website

There is now a new look and a new location for the Area 14 website. This new site introduces a “blog style” site that has a number of advantages over the previous site including:

  • Free hosting (although we will continue to keep the domain, and simply redirect traffic).
  • Blog format that automatically handles archiving of old news off the front page, while retaining easy links to historical stuff.
  • More than one person can edit the site. (With the old site there is a limitation that only one designated person can edit the site, and it has to be authored and published using Microsoft’s FrontPage package. This could mean that a number of people can keep the site up to date and ticking over with new contributions).
  • Adding contributions to the site requires no technical knowledge at all, for example in HTML. You just write as if using any word processor package. You can, however, still use HTML should you feel the need.
  • Handover of webmaster responsibilities is vastly simplified, since the master version of all content is online, and no special software packages are required to keep it up to date.
  • Image and general media file handling is much better – links to video should be easy.
  • Fully searchable website to easily find what you need, in addition to navigation by categories and tags that make browsing much more intuitive.
  • Uses the corporate branding in the logos introduced by RTBI last year.

The Area 14 Webmaster will maintain overall control and be expected to moderate content and ensure everything hangs together sensibly.

What is missing from the new site compared to the old one is stories and general content. At the time of writing just a recent item from Long Eaton has been posted, but hopefully Tablers will be inspired to either write new stuff directly, or alternatively they can of course continue the existing practice of emailing the webmaster to sort it out.

Feedback on the new look, feel, and features are most welcome. Please email the webmaster using the link above.

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